Restorative Glow Face Oil


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The Scandinavian climate often means that the skin on the face dries out quickly. This organic facial oil is made to add extra moisture and restorative vitamin E to the skin, thereby helping the signs of ageing. Contains organic almond oil, organic jojoba oil, vitamin E extracted from sunflower seeds and organic chamomile oil.

Chamomile oil is a wonder ingredient to help soothe the complexion. Whether it’s irritation, breakouts, or any other skin concerns. This face boosting face contains antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties to boost, moisturise and fight wrinkles for a healthy beautiful glow.

Great to use in the morning or night-time. Can be used under makeup or blended with makeup. Apply to freshly cleansed skin.

100 % natural, 100 % vegan and 100 % organic.  30 ml made in Scandinavia.