VON NORTEN products are made with raw, ethically-sourced and vegan ingredients from the North.
A sustainable home & body line that nurtures the body with nature's most healing elements. Our vision is to create products that are beneficial for our mind, body and home. 
All our products are designed with a Scandinavian approach. For us, luxury means focusing on quality and the beauty of minimalist living. We create our products using the best that nature has to offer. We use powerful ingredients such as Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Avocado, Coconut Butter and Argan Oil, which means our products are full of Antioxidants, Omega-6 and Vitamins A and E.

Our products contain carefully curated components, with sustainability in mind; they are eco-friendly and cruelty-free, made with ethically-sourced and vegan ingredients. We always strive to use recycled and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. We use recycled plastic, glass and packaging.

Our products are free from toxins such as Alcohol, Parabens, Paraffins and Sulphates.

Von Norten Beauty 

Created with natural and organic ingredients found throughout Scandinavian and Brazilian beauty traditions and transformed into luxurious and effective formulations, Von Norten high-performance products use a minimal amount of ingredients that deliver maximum benefits, nurturing skin through the science of nature for a healthy glowing complexion.

 Von Norten focuses on quality and the beauty of minimalistic living, combining a healthy skincare routine with a busy, modern lifestyle by offering products with natural ingredients that deliver performance without fuss, beneficial for mind, body and home.

 At the core of all Von Norten products is the use of natural, vegan and organic ingredients. With the use and benefits of amazing herbs, plants, berries and minerals enhanced by advanced modern technologies.