Born in Salvador, Brazil to a Brazilian mother and Norwegian father, before moving to Europe when she was four years old, Cayla's interest in nature and scents emerged at an early age through her mother's passion for fragrances and cultures. She graduated from university with a degree in psychology and worked for several years with health and nutrition, but the passion and courage to found her own sustainable home and body line only emerged when she became a mother herself. 

Cayla's focus has always been to create products that are made and inspired by nature, with powerful ingredients. The idea is that a home should be filled with a touch of nature and kindness.

"My goal is put a smile on someone's face, or to create a feeling; to actually bring back a memory. Natural scents from plants are very powerful and memory-driven. They allow us to express ourselves. The first smells I remember are from our garden on a late summer night," she says.
VON NORTEN is more than just a brand, it's a way of living and embracing the power of nature. We are passionate about preserving the nature for future generations and dedicated to environment and sustainability.

Dedicated to helping preserving the beauty of our nature, Von Norten has partnered up with different organizations to help preserve rainforests.