Elevate Every Meal with Von Norten: Mastering the Art of Napkin Folding

Elegance is found in the details. In the world of fine dining, the right napkin fold can transform an ordinary table setting into an extraordinary sensory experience. Dive into Von Norten’s curated guide on the art of napkin folding, and create unforgettable moments at your dining table.

The Significance of the Fold
Beyond mere functionality, a beautifully folded napkin is a symbol of hospitality, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. It's an invitation, signaling to your guests that they're about to partake in something truly special.

Unveiling Elegance: Von Norten’s Step-by-Step Napkin Folds

  1. The Classic Pyramid:

    • Lay the napkin flat with the seams facing down.
    • Fold it diagonally, forming a triangle.
    • Take the two bottom points of the triangle and fold them up to meet the top point.
    • Flip the napkin over and fold it into half from left to right.
    • Rotate and set it with the open end facing away.
  2. The Leaf:

    • Start with the napkin lying flat.
    • Fold it diagonally so it forms a triangle.
    • Beginning at the bottom, make a series of accordion-style (back-and-forth) folds until you reach the top.
    • Fold it in half, showcasing the pleats on the outer side.
    • Fan out the top to emulate the shape of a leaf.
  3. The Envelope:

    • Lay the napkin flat.
    • Fold the two opposite corners in so they meet in the middle.
    • Fold the bottom third up and then fold the top third down, creating an envelope shape.
    • Ideal for enclosing a handwritten note or menu for your guests.
  4. The Fan:

    • Begin with the napkin fully open.
    • Make accordion pleats, folding back-and-forth, working your way from the bottom to the top.
    • Fold it in half, with the pleats on the outside.
    • Set it upright, allowing the pleats to display like a fan.

Crafting Moments of Awe
With each fold, you're not just shaping a napkin; you're sculpting an experience, crafting a tale of luxury, care, and elegance. Let Von Norten guide your hands and your creativity. Embellish your table, enrapture your guests, and etch each dining moment into memory.

Unravel the elegance within every fold.