Capri Scallop Placemat



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Immerse yourself in the refreshing elegance of Von Norten's Capri Scallop Placemat. Inspired by the vibrant lemons found on the sun-kissed island of Capri in Italy, this napkin brings a slice of Mediterranean charm to your dining table. Its light citrus yellow color is a nod to the island's famous lemons, offering a bright and cheerful ambiance to any meal. Crafted from 100% of the finest linen fibers in the world, the Capri napkin embodies luxury and artistry in every fold. More than just functional, it stands as a statement piece that elevates the dining experience. Pair it with our range of napkins for a setup that mirrors the sophistication and zest of Capri's lemon groves.

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Material: 100% Finest Linen

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