Oxford Scallop Placemat



Presenting the "Oxford Scallop Placemat," a timeless addition to Von Norten's classic home collection. When elegance meets simplicity, the result is a tablescape that speaks volumes of sophistication. The "Oxford Scallop Placemat," available individually, is purely woven from 100% linen, boasting a pristine beige and white color scheme that embodies understated luxury. The refined scalloped edges provide a delicate frame, bringing a touch of traditional grace to any meal.

Sold Individually

Size: 40cm in diameter

Material: This 100% fine linen boasts a naturally elegant texture, combining softness with durability for a luxurious, timeless appeal.

Care Instructions: Maintain the placemat's elegance by washing gently at 40°C or lower. Linen is a durable fabric that softens over time, but to preserve the delicate embroidery, avoid using bleach.

Delivery: Arriving within 1-3 days, the "Oxford Scallop Placemat" is set to enhance your dining experience with its classic charm and superior quality.


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